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Smoke Bluffs Squamish


FMC Response to Chris Ludwig's Inquiry into the potential sale of the FMC Smoke Bluffs Land Parcels

FMCBC Letter Looking for Input regarding Squamsh Smoke Bluffs

Management plan developed in February 2017 to guide the management of Smoke Bluffs Park in Squamish.

The report to Squamish council outlining the background and objectives of the bylaw 2800, 2021 to consolidate and dedicate Smoke Bluffs Park. It would consolidate District lands into a dedicated Smoke Bluffs Park. Correction: The bylaw does not affect FMCBC lands.

The Smoke Bluffs Park dedication bylaw.

The Smoke Bluffs advisory committee repeal bylaw. With the intended dedication of the Smoke Bluffs land parcels as park, staff are recommendingthat Smoke Bluffs Park Committee Establishment Bylaw No. 1935, 2006 and amendments be repealed and a Staff Advisory Committee be established. A Terms of Reference for the new staff advisory committee has been drafted and it is expected that this committee could be operating by late March 2021. The draft Terms of Reference is based on the language included in the Advisory Committee Establishment Bylaw and includes language that ensures the majority of the members on the committee will be representatives from the climbing community to reflect the primary function of the Smoke Bluffs Parkas a climbing focused park.

The Brissenden lawsuit (The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver vs. Attorney General of British Columbia before the Honourable Justice Edelmann). Reasons for judgment .

The Brissenden case has a bearing on an aspect of the Smoke Bluffs land parcels held in trust by the Federation of Mountain Clubs. Say the lands were donated to District of Squamish for rock-climbing and other recreation purposes, could the charitable trust administered by the Trustees Act be varied to by mechanisms in the Community Charter. The court ruled yes in the Brissenden suit.

Analysis of the Brissenden judgment by Clark Wilson, estate planners.

Smoke Bluffs Chronology 1988-1990
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Smoke Bluffs chronology 1988 to 1990.

Letter from Federation of Mountain Clubs of B.C. to District of Squamish and dated 1991, outlining the role of the Smoke Bluffs Access Committee, which represents the interests of the rock climbing and mountaineering community, specifically the B.C. Mountaineering Club, Alpine Club of Canada, Squamish Rockclimbers Association and Varsity Outdoors Club. Second, it outlines the terms under which FMC lands, held in trust, may be transferred to the district.