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This platform has been created as a permanent long term repository of all information concerning issues revolving around non-motorized access to our wilderness areas. We are also a repository of official government documents including master plans, park use permits, and development agreements as well as maps of key recreational area boundaries and trails. On this site, the province has been divided into 7 distinct geographic regions where these issues might occur. We welcome both clubs and invidiuals to join us in our advocacy work. As a completely transparent organization, everyone is welcome to view the contents of the site.

If you would like to contribute to this body of work then register for a free account via the Sign up link. We are looking for as many authors as possible.

A registered user can:

  1. Post in the forums
  2. Comment on articles, posts, trails/tracks
  3. Upload trips/GPX tracks in the Trails section
  4. View members list and email members
  5. Download documents in the repository

  6. Download GPX and KML tracks from Trails Database

In addition an author can:

  1. Post articles on the site
  2. Edit their own articles
  3. Upload documents

Once you have an account and are logged in you can request authoring privilege via the Request to be Author form.

We consider hikers, rock climbers, mountaineers, trail runners, mountain bikers, kayakers, paddlers, backcountry skiers, and snowshoers among the groups that will directly benefit from the work being done here. At the core of our belief system is that the public has a right to access the wild areas of our province without encumberance by commercial operations or obstruction by government agencies. We are run entirely by volunteers. There is no central management here and there is also no anonymity. We provide a platform for everyone's voice to be heard and strive for truth and accuracy in what is stated.

Issues are organized by category. Let one of our admins know if your issue does not fall into any of our pre-existing categories and we'll add it for you. This site is completely smart phone friendly and can be accessed by virtually any computerized device connected to the internet. We only ask that you abide by our Terms of Use.

Click the links for a summary of our Active Campaigns or for the most Recent Posts.

Also note, that if you belong to an organization or government agency that there is an issue with and would like to respond directly, you are also welcome to set up an account. We only ask that you identify the organization / government body that you are affiliated with. For general members, your club affiliation can also be identified in this way.

If you have any questions, requests, comments send us a message via the Contact page or Email.

This site includes all content formerly hosted on garibaldipark2020.com and all its issues are now managed here.

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