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Part IV - Instructions for Authors

How do I create a new article (for authors)

Step 1 - Using the main "Issues" menu item, navigate to the specific category (issue) where you wish to post a new article.

Step 2 - At the top of the category click "Create an Article"

Step 3 - Using the text editor, add you content.  Then Click "Save" at the bottom of the editor.  Your article will be automatically posted.

How do I edit my articles?

Step 1 - click on the "Issues" menu item

Step 2 - click on " My Stuff", followed by "My Articles"

Step 3 - Select the article you wish to edit

Step 4 - click on the orange gear tool at the upper right of the article, followed by "edit"

Step 5 - Edit your article in the text editor, then click "save" when finished your editing

I accidentally posted to the wrong category.  How do I move my article to the correct category?

*Note that authors are only alowed to edit their own articles

Step 1 - Follow Steps 1 - 4 on "How do I edit my articles"

Step 2 - At the top of the text editor click on "publishing"

Step 3 - Use the drop-down menu under "category" to select the new location for your article

Step 4 - Click "save" at the bottom of the text editor