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Southwest BC / Lower Mainland Regional Issues

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With 2.8 million people, this dynamic metropolitan area is B.C.’s most populous region. It is home to one of the most ethnically diverse regions in Canada. It offers economic opportunities, a mild climate, an active lifestyle and all the amenities of a vibrant urban centre. Major industry sectors include trade and financial services, transportation, education, secondary manufacturing, tourism and agriculture.
The intent behind a FOI request I made was to research a surprise I found while hiking near Hidden Peak on 20190728. I found a heli landing pad marker stake is on the flat patch at 50.21577, -123.23189. This appears to be just inside the Park boundary. Based on the FOI results, two heli operators are permitted to operate inside the Conservancy, but not the Park. It is likely that this stake belongs to one of these two companies. It is therefore possible that one (or both) of these companies...

The ACC-Whistler provided the following update regarding the current understanding for backcountry access through Whistler Olympic Park. If you are entering WOP during open hours the access fee is per vehicle not per person. If one of the people in the vehicle has a WOP/Ski Callaghan season’s pass there isn’t an entry fee. The Alexander Falls parking is “really for” ski tourers returning through WOP after hours or for people going overnight. It was not designed for early access prior to WOP...

Solitude Glacier

It should be noted that the Solitude Glacier area is not accessible by the “public” unless you buy a cross country pass from Callaghan Country (Brad Sills). It is primarily used by guides and guests doing trips from the Journeyman Lodge. The access from the Powdercap requires crossing of a motorized snowmobile accessible zone. There should be a BAC required on the side of the provincial Callaghan Lake road which is how this area has traditionally been accessed and still is once Callaghan...


Callaghan Lake Draft Management Plan

December 17, 2013 From: "Tisdale, John ENV:EX" <John.Tisdale@gov.bc.ca> Subject: RE: Snowmobiing Restrictions in Callaghan Lake Park and Callaghan Lake Conservancy...and more compliance/information activities Date: December 17, 2013 at 3:02:14 PM PST To: [email addresses withheld] Hello folks,  I appreciate the focus and activity in the Mount Sproatt/21 Mile Creek area this fall, to which all involved deserve credit for their efforts.   I wish to also now draw your...

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