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Crest Creek Crags, BC Parks and The Heathens Mountaineering Club A personal retrospective, and perhaps an epitaph. The Heathens over on Vancouver Island for many years performed extraordinary volunteer trail work at Crest Creek Crags on Vancouver Island. Unfortunately, they fell into conflict with the Government pertaining to camping and a proposed volunteer agreement, which eventually led to a court case culminating in a plea...

While the Heathens may have won their court case regarding the illegal camping fines levied against them at Crest Creek Crags, reaching an acceptible volunteer agreement with BC Parks still seems to be elusive.  Without an agreement, the Heathens will be unable to continue their exception volunteer trail work at Crest Creek Crags on Vancouver Island. The Heathens's attorney Tees Kiddle Spencer recently drafted and submitted a letter to George Heyman outlining the Heathens's position and...

December 24, 2016 A Lower Mainland mountain club recently criticized BC Parks for its attack on volunteers working at Crest Creek Crags in Strathcona Park. Volunteers for the last thirty years have added $1 million of value to the crags and made it known internationally. BC Parks response is to slap the volunteers with heavy fines and sabotage the spirit of volunteerism in Strathcona Park. BC Parks is indulging in a petty vendetta and behaving like a small child throwing a hissy fit. Letter...

Trail Daze 2015 Trail work by Heathens Mountaineering Club at Crest Creek Crags Vancouver Island B.C. Some British Columbians are still under the illusion that BC Parks is the underfunded white-knight protector of our parklands.   While this was once true decades ago, a growing number of experiences by groups such as the Heathens Mountaineering Club and Garibaldi Park 2020 (amongst several others) suggest that the BC Parks Organization of the 21st...

July 11, 2016 Via the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC list server and originally from the Vancouver Island Climbing and Mountaineering Group comes this information on the Crest Creek Crags climbing routes in Crest Creek Crags Provincial Park on Vancouver Island maintained by The Heathens club. On January 26, 2016, the Parks branch issued a stop work order to the Heathens Club regarding their maintenance projects at Crest Creek. The club has officially maintained the trail network at...

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