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  The Cypress Backcountry Access Corridor can now be accessed from 7AM. Note however, that the Cypress Bowl Road continues to be gated until 7AM at Chippendale Drive. In contravention to their park use permit, Cypress resorts has been preventing access to the corridor from 11PM to 9AM and this continues to be their official position. While discussions between BC Parks and Cypress continues, the new manager Russell Chamberlain will allow public access through the BAC once the road is...

November 15, 2017 Whistler Blackcomb has raised alarmist predictions that public parking up Fitzsimmons Creek would lead to wildfires on Blackcomb Mountain. Wildfire prevention practices used in Cheakamus Community Forest and Resort Municipality of Whistler are applicable in Fitzsimmons Creek. Risk from public access is manageable by what is called stand thinning according to programs dubbed "fire smart" in British Columbia. To date, no stakeholders, be it Whistler Blackcomb, Whistler...

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This platform has been created as a permanent long term repository of all information concerning issues revolving around non-motorized access to our wilderness areas. We are also a repository of official government documents including master plans, park use permits, and development agreements as well as maps of key recreational area boundaries and trails. On this site, the province has been divided into 7 distinct geographic regions where these issues might occur. We welcome both clubs...

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Access to the Singing Pass Trail in Garibaldi Park near Whistler was blocked by a landslide about 25 years ago. Hikers had used the access route - which is an old mining/logging road for many years to drive to the trailhead five km up Fitzimmons Creek from Whistler Village. The landslide blocked the road about two km from Whistler and then Whistler Blackcomb built a bike park and closed the road for vehicles. This increases the total round trip to 26 km to Singing Pass or 32 km to Russet...

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Scott Donker, Senior Park Ranger - Vancouver, BC Parks, Ministry of Environment, South Coast Region, North Vancouver released a new version of the Cypress Provincial Park Winter Trails Map showing the Backcountry Access Corridor (BAC) through the controlled recreation area managed by Cypress Resort Ltd. Winter trails are marked with red dotted lines. The BAC is a green circle with a striding hiker atop the acronym BAC. The BAC is a corridor through the controlled recreation area that...

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** This article is out of date ** Latest version is here  Issue Lead Advocate - John Baldwin I've been updating the Coquihalla Summit ski and hiking map (which is now out - metric and a bigger scale) and in the process did a bunch of trips to the ridges north of Coquihalla Mountain. The area is stunning and offers outstanding alpine hiking. I've been to Illal and Coquihalla before but this year we poked around a bit more and it struck me that this area would be a perfect...

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October 6, 2017 These are talking points that can be used when addressing concerns to elected officials. Parking and access to recreation opportunities is a huge issue in the Sea to Sky corridor. The road slump on the Whistler side along the park access right-of-way is in a geologically unstable area. The right-of-way was "repaired" at a cost of $50,000 in the summer of 2016. The repaired area washed out a month later in October rains. Land surveys show the slump continues to move downhill...

Early 1900s, Singing Pass at the head of Fitzsimmons Creek had a history of mining and hunting prior to establishment of Garibaldi Provincial Park. October, 1915 the British Columbia Mountaineering Club petitions the Minister of Lands to create a "park reserve in the Mount Garibaldi District...that its remarkable assemblage of glacial, volcanic and other natural features may be preserved unimpaired for the instruction and recreation of the people of Western Canada." April 1917, the...

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Right-of-way plan EPP3768

Right-of-way plan EPP256

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Whistler-Blackcomb Park Deletions in context: {GPSCONTENT ["id": 14, "elevation": 1, "speed": 1, "hr": 1]} The map outline shows the 2016 Garibaldi Provincial Park boundary, Blackcomb Glacier Provicial Park boundary and the 1966 Garibaldi Provincial Park boundary. Alternative Map/Presentation:

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