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    Skaist River Trail

    Length: 18.8 kmCondition: This hiking and horse trailGeneral Route: Runs up the Skaist River to Hope Pass and beyond. How to Find: From Hope, drive south on...
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    Pacific Crest Trail

    This is the northern Manning Park segment to the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs from Canada to Mexico. Length: 5.6 kmCondition: Constructed trail segment of the...
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    Skagit Skyline Trail

    This section of trail is also referred to as the Skyline II trail and connects the Skagit River and Silver Skagit Road to Manning Park and the main Lightening Skyline Trail that...
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    Windy Joe Trail

    Length: 7.7 km Condition: In summer it is an old road.General Route: Goes to Windy Joe summit, where there is an old forest fire lookout in a good state of...
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    Windy Joe - Frosty Connector Trail

    Length:  8.0 kmCondition:  Continuous, well markedGeneral Route: Branches off Windy Joe trail just before summit of Windy Joe and goes southeast along the crest of...
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    Thunder Lake Trail

    Length: 8.8 kmCondition: Smooth, dry, well beaten trailGeneral Route: Follows Lightning Creek valley from Gibson Pass Road as far as Thunder Lake.Trail Description: ...
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    Strawberry Connector Trail

    Length:  5.0 kmCondition: Wide parks grade trail, smooth, dry surface. Will be some snow on higher stretches till July.General Route: Runs up from the parking area at...
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    South Gibson Trail

    Length:  3.2 kmCondition: Usually groomed, can flood in early season.General Route: Parallels the Gibson Pass road. How to Find: Drive into the road leading...
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    First Brother Trail

    Length: 1.0 kmCondition:  Well beaten path, constructed in placesGeneral Route: Branches off Heather Trail and follows ridge to summit of "Big Brother".Trail...
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    Beaver Pond Trail

    Length:  2.6 kmCondition:  Groomed General Route: Runs along the north side of Similkameen River from treatment plant to Manning Park Lodge.How to...
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    Poland Lake Trail

    Length:  7.2 kmCondition:  Well trodden, in winter it is often a broken trail.General Route: From parking lot at Strawberry Flats, the trail runs along the NW side...
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    Memaloose Creek Trail

    Length:  8.7 kmCondition: Continuous well beaten trail, zero deadfall. Two short muddy sections. Last km is narrow and helpful to have hiking boots.  As of 2013,...
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    Lightning Skyline Trail

    Length:15.1 kmCondition: Graded BC Parks trail. Smooth surface, little deadfall, good drainage. Rock outcrops have been blasted or removed with pick axe. About 1 meter wide....
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    Heather Trail

    Length:  21.5 kmCondition: Beaten path, easy to follow in summer. Difficult to find in winter.General Route: Runs from Blackwall Peak, past Big Buck Mountain to Three...
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    Grainger Creek Trail

    Length: 9.7 kmCondition:  Clear of deadfall, all bridges intact, gradual grade. General Route: This hiking trail branches off from the Hope Pass horse trail...
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    Frosty Mountain Trail

    Length:  9.2 kmCondition: Excellent well constructed parks trail, no deadfall, dry and levelGeneral Route: Starts from the dam at the east end Lightning Lakes and...
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    Fat Dog Trail

    Length:  9.8 kmCondition: No deadfall, usually broken trail in winter (Intended for Winter Use Only)General Route: The route branches off Similkameen River and goes up...