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    Ghost Pass Trail

    Experience a unique and historic 13 km hike along Ghost Pass Trail. Along the first 2 km of the trail, you will be following the path of the Dewdney wagon road, which was built...
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    Mount Rexford Trail

    Trail Description:  This 6.0 km trail can make a fantastic climb for anyone with experience in alpine climbing and snow travel and is looking for a challenge. Its steep...
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    Mount Outram Trail

    Experience this challenging yet extremely rewarding 18 km hike up one of the tallest mountains near Manning Park. On your venture to the summit, you will travel through dense...
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    Hope Mountain Trail

    Section 57 Status Unkown ATP, sporadic clearing. Length:  3.8 kmGeneral Route: This trail goes west from the upper Four Mile Creek drainage, across a forested ridge to...
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    Wells Peak (Hope)

    Enjoy this challenging, but never extreme, 7 km hike to three summits of Wells Peak. This hike guides you through forests and alpine meadows to reach a steep ridge. Continuing...
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    Eaton Lake Trail

    Enjoy this moderately challenging 8.2 km hike to beautiful Eaton Lake. Along your journey, you will be accompanied by the roaring of Eaton Creek guiding you to the lake. Within...
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    Williamson Lake Trail (Welch Peak)

    On this 13 km hike, you will venture from a road west of Foley Lake, through beautiful forest and meadows, to arrive at Williamson Lake. This majestic lake is surrounded by the...
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    Williams Peak Trail (Williams Ridge)

    Enjoy this challenging but rewarding 11 km hike, which leads you from forest to flat plateau. The initial steep climb through the forest levels out and a gently rolling trail...
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    Ford Mountain Trail

    Enjoy a moderate 5 km hike in the Chilliwack River Valley area, in which you will experience great views of Mt. Slesse, Cheam Range, Welch and Foley Peak, Ford Mountain, and the...
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    Pierce Lake Trail

    As you venture through the forest along this 16 km hike you will come upon an opening where you can experience picturesque views of Mt. Mercer and the Cheam Range. After this...
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    Mount Cheam Trail (Chilliwack River Valley)

    This amazing hike leads you through an array of beautiful flowers, subalpine meadows and forests, glacial lakes and offers spectacular views through a series of well defined...
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    Elk - Thurston Trail (Chilliwack River Valley)

    When venturing along this 8 km trail you will enjoy a steady hike under the cover of the forest for the first half. Once out of the forest, you will encounter a lookout point...
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    Vedder Mountain Trail (Chilliwack River Valley)

    The Vedder Mountain Trail is within the Vedder Interpretative Forest. Enjoy this 11 km hike through a pleasant forest with Vedder Mtn. at its center with an elevation of 924 m /...
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    Mount St. Benedict Trail

    Enjoy this 11 km hike through the forest following Murdo Creek just to the south. Once you have travelled the logging road portion of the trail, you will begin to hike uphill...