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    Mamquam Lake Trail

    Begins at Elfin Lakes and runs to Mamquam Lake. From Elfin Lakes, shortly past the shelter take the right fork toward Opal Cone and Mamquam Lake. The left fork will take you to...
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    Wedgemount Lake Trail

    Topographical map 92-J-2 1:50,000 This spectacular glacial lake is circled by Wedgemount and Armchair Glaciers. Wedge Mountain, 2,891 metres, the highest peak in the park, lies...
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    Singing Pass Trail

    Topographical map 92-J-2 1:50,000 The Singing Pass area provides magnificent views of the Fitzsimmons and Spearhead Mountain ranges and Cheakamus Glacier. The slopes of the pass...
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    Panorama Ridge Trail

    The Panorama Ridge Trail is the popular BC Parks Trail that begins in Taylor Meadows and climbs to the summit of Panorama Peak. Panorma Peak is 15 Km Round Trip from the Taylor...
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    Musical Bumps Trail

    The Musical Bumps Trail is a highly scenic and  generally gentle and meandering trail that was jointly built through volunteer and park efforts, the Musical Bumps Trail...
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    Mount Price Trail (route)

    The Mount Price Trail (route to be more accurate) is a hiking and Backcountry ski destination in Garibaldi Park next to Garibaldi Lake.  The trail is rough and poorly marked...
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    High Note Trail

    The High Note Trail begins at the summit of Whistler Mountain and is accessed by the Peak Chair.  The trail then quickly drops down onto the south side of Whistler...
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    Helm Creek Crossover Trail

    The 12.0 Kilometer BC Parks grade Helm Creel Trail consists of trail, beaten path in woods and raised roadbed in meadows. It is mostly flat, with one steep section at the far...
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    Garibaldi Lake Trail

    The Garibaldi Lake Trail is meticulously maintained by BC Parks.   All junctions are marked with trail destinations and distances. Route:  The Garibaldi Lake...
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    Cheakamus Lake Trail

    The Cheakamus Lake Trail is well maintained by BC Parks all the way to Singing Creek.  Mountain biking is permitted. Route:  Runs along the reasonably level north...
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    Black Tusk Trail

    The Black Tusk Trail begins at Taylor meadows and ascends to the summit climb of the Black Tusk.  It is a BC Parks Grade and maintained Trail.   How to Find: To...
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    Elfin Lakes Trail

    The route is an old road once used to access the old Diamond Head Lodge -- now a part of history. What remains is a jeep road that is still used by B.C. Parks to supply the...