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The Smoke Bluffs land parcel in Squamish
was purchased in the 1980's via the major fundraising efforts of volunteers within the climbing and mountaineering community. The lands were given to the FMCBC to care for and to protect as a community asset in perpetuity. They believed the FMCBC could always be trusted and never imagined these lands might one day be sold for purposes of an organization's operating capital during budget difficulties. 
As a community, we witnessed the exact same situation unfold when the land trust that was entrusted to hold the property adjacent to the Squamish Chief ran into financial difficulty and elected to sell the lands for desperately needed operating capital. And the result was, for better or for worse, the Sea to Sky Gondola.
There are those who would like to see the green park space on the map in Squamish expand to include these lands. It is a simplistic, yet highly naive 'feel good' sentiment and argument. Some believe that the District of Squamish can always be trusted, which may well appear true at the moment.
But history is clear that even if the District can be trusted in the here and now, it is highly unlikely they can always be trusted. Winds and tides always change, and as the saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
A personal note of reflection:
We 'older' types who no longer rock climb as we did when we were young fought the good fight to purchase and protect the Smoke Bluff lands. Now we are presenting our concerns, historical knowledge and experience. We cannot do more.
It is now time for the next generation to research and to learn about these historical issues, and to accept and to carry the torch of responsibility, stewardship and care. 
Apathy and inattention is the ever-present wolf in the shadows waiting for any generation to drop their guard or to have a lapse in memory.