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The following link is a story about the developer  Oberti resort design applying to have the previous court desision overturned in order to start this project again.

From the Backcountry BC Facebook Group:

It never ceases to amaze me how just when you thought a ski resort proposal is truly dead like Jumbo Glacier Resort, like some ungodly crypt keeper, the proponent always seem to find a way to bring their proposal/plan back to life from the grave.
From the CBC June 24th, 2018:
The developers behind one of B.C.'s longest running land-use battles — the Jumbo Glacier ski resort near Invermere — are back in court on Monday trying to resurrect the failed project.
The decades-old proposal to build a year-round ski resort in the Purcell Mountains in southeastern B.C. was killed three years ago by the B.C. Liberal government when it decided not to renew the environmental assessment certificate.
In 2015, then-environment minister Mary Polak ruled that that the developer had not substantially started the project by the time the assessment was set to expire.
Is this the end of the Jumbo Glacier Resort?
That appeared to kill the project for good, but now the developers, led by Vancouver's Oberti Resort Design, will be back in court on Monday morning asking a judge to overturn that decision.

CBC article