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Lake Lovely Water

Problems at Lake Lovely Water July 25th (Photos below)
A perfect storm of a late start to summer weather, COVID travel restrictions, user displacement, Instagram word of mouth, and a lack of infrastructure, funding and government enforcement of park management plans.
From a concerned source
There were 22 tents (at least 60 people) camping at the very small sandspit site, which has only has one outhouse, no bear cache, and inadequate places for a proper and safe bear/animal hang. There was Garbage and human feces/toilet paper on and around the sandpit site. Lots of food was being improperly stored overnight around the campsite. Tents and groups were camping all along the trail between the Tantalus Hut and the sandpit site. There were also Tents and groups camping all around the Tantalus Hut, off the tent pads, and wherever space was available, including just adjacent to the helipads. Despite there being fire ban signage around the lake, at least 10 fires taking place in the evening at different lakeside locations.
There is an inability to be physically distant from other groups (some of whom were 20 people in size) in the context of COVID and a communicable disease pandemic
Summary of concerns:
Degradation of the campsites due to over and improper use (garbage, feces, 100’s of boots walking the path in a day)
Attracting animals to the site due to lack of safe food storage options with so many people present on the site = aggressive/dead bears or injured/dead people
COVID transmission between camping groups


SQUAMISH (NEWS 1130) – An increase in chartered helicopter flights to Lake Lovely Water, northwest of the Squamish River, is raising some concerns.

According to Chris Ludwig, the president of the BC Mountaineering Club and co-founder of Backcountry BC, there’s been a recent peak in interest when it comes to the lake. He shared a notice about the lake on Tuesday that says the area is seeing “huge numbers” of visitors “nearly every weekend and through the week days.”

“By huge, I’m talking in the hundreds,” the notice reads, adding while that number may not seem big, the area’s environment is sensitive and isn’t built for that kind of capacity.

See full article here:  https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/07/29/visitors-squamish-lake-concerns/

Lake Lovely Water overrun with hundreds of people and over 30 tents!?!?!
Good grief Charlie Brown. When are we going to start doing something about this chaos and sink some cold hard cash to support and manage this tourism free-for-all.
According to a Squamish Outdoor Forum hikers and helicopters are descending upon the remote lake like mosquitos from the air.
And a very recent Trip Advisor review:
"Beautiful location- the hike is a tough grind up and equally hard down. The lake and surroundings are beautiful , but forget solitude, it’s packed these days and with helidrops in with everything bar a media room you’ll be lucky to find a spot to pitch your tent. Consider another lake unless you love crowds!"