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Backcountry Safety

The Mountain doesn't care what its name is - Chris ludwig 2019
who climbed it first
The Sun doesn't wait for you before setting
enveloping the forest in blackness
The rain and snow
cares not if you are cold and wet
or forgot your rain jacket
The fog doesn't lift
if your cel phone battery dies
or if there is no service
no city connection here
The swamp, snow and mud
will not harden and dry for you
when you wear sandals and running shoes
instead of hiking boots
And the trail does not notice
if you should lose your way
when you forgot your map and compass
The darkness will be deepest
when you left your headlamp at home
The night will be most cold and desperate
when you started out too late
and hadn't planned on
sleeping next to the tree
or on the trail
in the open
The mountains
The lake and the trail
simply won't notice
or care
Will anyone?
Write a note
Be prepared