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Manning Park

This information and report comes from BCMC Members - January 2018 

(BCMC Member).. just got off the telephone (1-250-840-8853) with Anderson Contracting. Very friendly. They look after road clearing and salting from Km 58, Hwy 3, Manning Park.


Rules / Policy regarding parking at Manning Park Works Yard 

1.  We are permitted to park inside to the right anytime the gate is open.
2.  The gate will be locked when it is not/will not be snowing.
3.  The gate will sometimes be locked for ~2 hrs from 5-7am and/or 5-7pm during a shift change (at times when they are not very busy.) (not sure if they would lock the gate if they saw someone parked inside?)
4.  If the gate is locked and not snowing they recommend parking beyond the gate (left of lockbox.)
5.  If the gate is locked and snowing or snow expected it is much better to park off the highway at Cambie Creek, or else your vehicle will get buried.