There's a note from 2005 by Justin Brown that he once tried to access Gabbro Mountain by way of the old Hanging Creek logging spur off the Widgeon Lake trail on the east side of the mountain but found this spur to be impassable with alders.

In 2021, the bottom of the Hanging Creek spur is cut off by the loss of the bridge over Hanging Creek. BC Parks said April 20th, "The bridge crossing at Hanging Creek failed last winter. We are looking at options to repair or replace. The [Widgeon Lake] trail will be closed until the bridge can be repaired. It's a significant creek and there are no options for crossing the creek without a bridge. Hope to have something figured out by late May if all goes well."

There's a story by "Brett" on Clubtread from 2009 of climbing Gabbro Mountain in one long day. They went up the Hanging valley by shortcutting the switchbacks through good forest. Their goal was the SW ridge. The bush and gullies became nasty as they thrashed their way up. Eventually, they summited. It was never more than Class 3 on the ridge, he said. The article is here: Gabbro Mountain in One Long Day.

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