Date: 2001.09.15

Approach from the Norton Lake Branch of Indian River Main. Bushwhack from the end of the road north of the lake through heavy bush to Joseph Lake. Follow the west side of Joseph Lake to gain steep timber leading to the south ridge. The first crux is a Class 3 vegetable belay to reach the knoll at 5200ft. Drop down to the gap beyond (possible Class 3) and follow rocky outcrops and heather to the summit.

Meslilloet South Ridge

The photo was taken from the 5200ft knoll on the south ridge and shows the upper 1300ft of the climb. Some climbers are visible photo bottom descending to the gap in the ridge.

Bad logging road and frightful wet bush led to Joseph Lake where a camp was established in the rain on a BCMC club trip. My retriever loves the water and can wait for hours for me to throw something into a lake. This is what he did. He stood in the shallow lake about 20m offshore in the pouring rain for a couple of hours until dark. I got him to dry off in the vestibule. The next day dawned dry and bluebird. More wet bush around Joseph Lake finally gave way to open, steep timber for 1500ft to the knoll. Then sunny, open ground to the summit. I readily got my two dogs to the summit.