Too many issues, not enough advocates, too many hungry hippos. Blackcomb Helicopters has applied for a heli-biking tenure in the Tenquille Lake Area (Comments close July 19th). Thank you to Steve Jones for raising this issue with us.

From the petition (sign by clicking below):

Generations have enjoyed hiking and camping in this beautiful alpine. The flora and fauna is sensitive in this alpine environment and needs protecting. The Pemberton wildlife Association is urging the public’s help in preserving the Tenquille to Owl Lake Recreation Area. Blackcomb Helicopters is applying for a Commercial Heli-biking Tenure in this area. Currently Blackcomb Helicopters use the Tenquille Lake and Mt Barbour trails and by 2020 they propose to increase traffic on these by 240%. This would mean 2400 rider days which equates to nearly 400 Helicopters flights per season. Let’s let the Forest Lands and Natural Resources know that we do not support this commercial tenure in this beautiful alpine valley.

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