July 11, 2016

Via the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC list server and originally from the Vancouver Island Climbing and Mountaineering Group comes this information on the Crest Creek Crags climbing routes in Crest Creek Crags Provincial Park on Vancouver Island maintained by The Heathens club.

On January 26, 2016, the Parks branch issued a stop work order to the Heathens Club regarding their maintenance projects at Crest Creek. The club has officially maintained the trail network at the crags since 1993, but now the ministry is demanding that the club volunteers enter a new agreement before work can continue. The club refuses to sign the new agreement proposed for multiple reasons.
Repeated attempts by The Heathens to contact BC parks failed. BC Parks is now handing out $1,500 fines. According to The Heathens, it is one of the most disgusting things ever seen in our parks. The Heathens are staging a sit in and are asking for the public's support. It is occurring all the week of July 11th and up coming weekend. They characterize what BC parks is doing as uncalled for and cowardly.
The following are images of armed officers handing out hefty fines to members of the Heathens Outdoor Club.  The Heathens refused to sign an unconsititional gag order that forbid them to speak with the media about their volunteerism within Strathcona Park.  Since they already have a signed agreement with BC Parks which is still valid, the Heathens felt it unreasonable to sign this new onerous and anti-democratic agreement.  This was how BC Parks responded to their refusal to relinquish their constutional rights.  The Heathens are fighting this action.